Research Methods for Project Engineering (IX7203)

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IX7203 Aims

  • IX7203-AI: To impart the competencies that enable a critical, reasoned approach to complex issues in real situations and, as a consequence, minimize faulty and/or foolish action.
  • IX7203-A2: To provide students with foundations and skills in research methodology appropriate to Project Engineering situations and scenarios in professional settings.

IX7203 Learning Outcomes

  • IX7203-LO1: Demonstrate cognitive skills for applying critical reasoning to situations/problems through inductive and deductive thinking.
  • IX7203-LO2: Make qualitative, interpretive conclusions on the basis of analysis and interpretation.
  • IX7203-LO3: Generate and analyze quantitative data, and draw conclusions that are reliable, valid and pertinent to the issues in play.
  • IX7203-LO4: Apply an interdisciplinary approach to solving problems, and developing innovative solutions, in complex situations.
  • IX7203-LO5: Demonstrate foundations and skills in research methodology appropriate to Project Engineering situations and scenarios in professional settings.
  • IX7203-LO6: Plan and conduct a robust literature review on concepts relevant to the research issue.

IX7203 Module Content

  • IX7203-C1: Research Fundamentals
    • Positivist and interpretivist paradigms and their relevance in real scenarios.
    • Case studies. Introduction to research in project engineering.
    • Presentations, labs and teamwork.
  • IX7203-C2: Project Engineering and Research Design
    • Selecting appropriate methodologies and the interdisciplinary / mixed-method approach.
    • Presentations, labs and teamwork.
  • IX7203-C3: Literature Reviews, Research Question(s) and Generating Hypotheses
    • Methods and sources for searching out prior knowledge; developing appropriate (delimited) research questions; types and characteristics of research hypotheses.
    • Presentations, labs and teamwork.
  • IX7203-C4: Scope of Quantitative and Qualitative Research
    • Fundamental postulates; methods; contrasts; implications.
    • Presentations, labs and teamwork.
  • IX7203-C5: Data Collection and Analysis
    • Specific to positivist research programs; specific to interpretivist research programs; as commonly employed in mixed methods research programs.
    • Presentations, labs and teamwork.
  • IX7203-C6: Interpreting and Validating Research Results
    • Interpreting quantitative, or qualitative, or quantitative and qualitative results; generalizability; delimiting the implications of research results; appropriate application of research results.
    • Presentations, labs and teamwork.
  • IX7203-C7: Presentation of Research Results
    • Style guides and applications in academic contexts; style guides and implications in professional contexts.
    • Presentations, labs and teamwork.