Review of project management practices (IX7528)

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IX7528 Aims

  • IX7528-AI: Specify and develop the critical skills to evaluate project management methodologies.
  • IX7528-A2: Specify and develop the critical skills to evaluate project management techniques.
  • IX7528-A3: Specify and develop the critical skills to evaluate people management in projects.

IX7528 Learning Outcomes

  • IX7528-LO1: Analyse and critically compare the approaches commonly taken when facing new projects.
  • IX7528-LO2: Demonstrate an understanding of the key concepts within project management, and where they are appropriately deployed (eg. Business Case, Stage Boundary).
  • IX7528-LO3: Critically explore key case studies in the domain, identifying both the advantages and pitfalls of the choices made.
  • IX7528-LO4: Research the roots of the various project management methodologies and reflect on how they have been adopted by various industry sectors.

IX7528 Course Content

  • The concept of this course is that the student describes his or her own project management experience/observation and, from reflection on that, documents personal learning that has occurred.  Project management can be learned in part through study but only through undertaking the management of projects can the theoretical be enhanced and honed e.g. people management skills, techniques such as Critical Path Analysis, financial control, and the tailoring of methodologies such as PRINCE2©. 
  • This course requires the student to reflect on his or her career to situations – problems, opportunities, challenges – how he or she managed the situations and what the personal learning outcomes were from that.  For APEL, the student is required to document personal learning outcomes in his or her career with reference to – in this course IX7528 –Project Management practices.

IX7529 Methods of Learning and Teaching

  • This is a not a taught course.
  • Through meetings and/or electronic communications the tutor will guide the student in describing his or her experience and the personal learning outcomes that flowed from it.
  • The tutor will give feedback to the student to assist him or her in the development of producing work at Level M (Level 7, Masters Level).
  • This course is assessed by the student presenting his or her Personal Learning Outcomes in a spreadsheet that is supplied by the tutor.  It is expected that the Personal Learning Outcomes spread across three areas:
    • Project Management Methodology,
    • Project Management Techniques,
    • People Management.

IX7528 Assessment and Reassessment

  • Learning outcomes IX7528-LO1 to IX7528-LO3 are assessed through the spreadsheet of Personal Learning Outcomes (containing twenty separate situation statements and related Personal Learning Outcomes) and a capstone essay.
    • The essay should be a maximum of 2,500 words, excluding footnotes and appendices.
    • The essay should contain references to textbooks, journals and online material, where appropriate, using APA referencing.
    • Where available, examples of the student’s project management documents should be supplied in an appendix.
  • Methods of reassessment:
    • the student will be reassessed only on the component or the components, which they have failed within the course. A task that is equivalent to the original will be set. This will be designed to meet the required learning outcome.

Download IX7528 descriptor