Project Management for Business Administration - online (OA7513)

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OA7513 course approach

  • This course is a combination of:
    • Online presentation and discussions,
    • E-learning,
    • Distance team works (by groups of four students),
    • Online project reviews.
  • This course is an opportunity for students to review cases, but also to create their own cases.

OA7513 learning outcomes

  • OA7513-LO1: Review and analyse tools to review project definition, plan and performance.
  • OA7513-LO2: Evaluate communication approach for project tactical steering and direction.

OA7513 module content

  • OA7513-C1.1: Online kickoff
    • Online presentation of outcomes expected from participants.
    • Online review of template for teamwork submission.
  • OA7513-C1.2: Team formed
    • Identification of teams and team building.
    • Negotiation of project.
    • Cooperative construction of teamwork.
  • OA7513-C1.3: Review and validation of team work topics
    • Team presentation of project snapshot and approach for team work.
    • Validation by module tutor.
  • OA7513-C2: Online Crossknowledge modules
    • Define the project and assign key roles
    • Project milestones
    • Breaking down a project
    • Organising projects and negotiating for resources
    • Launching a successful project
    • Project Control
    • Closing your project
    • Managing project risk
    • Dealing with the human factor
    • Post-project management 
  • OA7513-C3.1: Online consolidation of team projects
    • Online review and final consolidation of team projects with module tutor:
      • definition,
      • logic, organisation and structure,
      • time analysis and S-curve.
  • OA7513-C3.2: Final online discussion of team work
    • Online presentation of team work outcomes by each team to the other teams.
    • Peer online review documented by each team.

Download OA7513 descriptor