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Gaining a pass in the PRINCE2® Foundation examination is mandatory if you wish to become a PRINCE2® Registered Practitioner. .

More about the PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner Course including Practitioner Examinations .

  • Oxford Academics invites you to join our PRINCE2® Practitioner course that delivers the new PRINCE2® 2017 method. This course prepares delegates for the PRINCE2® Practitioner examination. Success in this examination leads to the internationally recognized distinction of being a PRINCE2® Registered Practitioner.
  • The full PRINCE2® 2017 syllabus is covered and there are several mock examinations to prepare delegates for the examination. As in the other Oxford Academics PRINCE2® training course, there are exercises for delegates to practice the use of PRINCE2® before returning to their organizations , thus making this much more than a PRINCE2® exam crammer.
  • When you have successfully passed both the examinations at the end of this course you will then be accredited as a PRINCE2 Registered Practitioner and your name will appear on the Practitioners Register on the Peoplecert Group PRINCE2® Website. You will be awarded an internationally recognized PRINCE2® certificate. Many successful candidates choose to have 'PRINCE2® Registered Practitioner' printed on their business card under their name.
  • This PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner course covers the seven PRINCE2® Principles, the seven PRINCE2® Themes’ and the seven PRINCE2® Processes.

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