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Executive Education

  • The Project Engineering education is a part of the Executive Education initiative of IX Academics.
  • The Project Engineering education is relatively unique in two ways: it adopts an engineering as opposed to a management approach to achieving success in complex projects, and it assembles academic and professional bodies of knowledge to treat the scope and depth of issues encountered in today’s complex project environments.
  • Postgraduate students with a technical, scientific or technology degree may supplement their professional offer with management skills which are internationally valued.
  • Our course is aimed at professionals with project management background facing a gap in project complexity – from expert projects to team projects, from team projects to multiple management levels, or when there is a sudden increase in the number of management levels.
  • For each professional request, IX Academics offers a particular customization of its standard and accredited courses to meet the operational requirements.
  • Accreditation of professional training is also offered.
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