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Quality assurance: our aims

Our first strategic aim is to meet meet students' needs and be valued by them.

  • We will work to ensure that all students get the best possible educational experience. We will communicate clearly to students about standards and quality, and will work with them as partners. We will respond to the views and diverse needs of students and will protect their interests.

Our second strategic aim is to comply with standards in an increasingly diverse UK and international context.

  • As an independent, trusted organisation, we comply to standards, enabling students, employers and the wider public to have confidence that our qualifications have a recognised value. We take energetic approach to new challenges, adapting quality assurance systems in the UK where necessary to ensure they remain effective and proportionate, targeted on risk and need in an increasingly diverse sector.

Our third strategic aim is to contribute to improvements in UK higher education.

  • We will identify what is good and where improvements are needed, and communicate this information widely to promote improvements in students' experiences. We will build on our reputation, offering our services more widely, sharing our expertise publicly and encouraging debate and positive change. We will investigate complaints quickly and act on our findings.

Our fourth strategic aim is to improve public understanding of higher education standards and quality.

  • Our publications will be accessible and useful to a diverse audience, including students, prospective students and interested members of the public. We will strengthen our research base, lead policy developments and contribute to public debate.


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