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Quality assurance: our values


  • We always aim to be fair, objective and honest in our work, basing our judgements on sound evidence.


  • We set high professional standards in everything we do, providing relevant and effective services that are trusted by all with an interest in UK and international higher education.


  • By safeguarding standards and driving improvements we fulfil our educational responsibilities. We consult on the development of our work and assess its impact, seeking to provide a high level of service and responsiveness to external environments.


  • We will remain open and approachable as concerns the work we do, and how we do it. We believe this encourages trust and confidence, and are committed to communicating transparently on all aspects of our work.


  • It is imperative that we remain an independent voice in UK higher education in order to fulfil our responsibilities. Our work will always be based on expert, and objective, scrutiny and analysis.


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